Samsung Galaxy S4 lifelike video and new release rumor

The last couple of days have included the publication of a new Samsung Galaxy S4 video showing a rendering of what the next handset could be like, and also a rumor that suggests the Galaxy S4 could see a release date in April next year. This fits with our earlier predictions and the likelihood of Samsung wanting a dedicated event for the Galaxy S4 launch, rather than a reveal at CES 2013.

You can see the Samsung Galaxy S4 hands-on video below this article, obviously not the real handset but a concept, and the latest release rumor is suggested on, which you might need to translate to English. This suggestion for the Galaxy S4 to launch in April makes sense and is pretty obvious; especially considering Samsung stated this year that they would announce the S3 nearer to “commercial availability” and not at CES. We expect the same in 2013 with a launch in either April or early May. Enuri also claim that the Galaxy S4 will come with an S-Pen in the box.

 What do you think about the rending in the video below, and will you be ready to upgrade to Samsung Galaxy S4 in four months? You can see more details on the expected Galaxy S4 specs here in our article from earlier this month. It is worth noting that the popularity and interest in the Galaxy S4 is clear, which is shown by the 1,309,475 views at the time of writing for the video below, which has only been online for 3 days.

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Turtle Beach XP400 adaptive surround sound headset

Turtle Beach introduced a duo of recent Xbox 360 360 and PS3 gaming headphones on the first day of CES, and that we could spend a little of your time and among them, the XP400, on the program floor. It's Turtle Beach's flagship gaming headset, featuring adjustable Dolby 5.1 virtual multichannel audio, a non-AD2P dual-pairing Bluetooth radio for obtaining telephone calls throughout gaming periods, a 15 hour rechargeable battery and dual-band 2.4/5GHZ built-in Wi-fi compatability.

The particular over-the-ear pieces have a better layout from previous models, though you will find nearly as many buttons as you will find around the controller you would be carrying -- with volume up / lower, chat volume up / lower, mute, Bluetooth pairing, limiter button and tone buttons. The incorporated dual-band Wi-fi compatability adapter that connects for your gaming system of preference is small , pretty plain and simple in design. The adjustable surround angles feature appears helpful but we can not help but to feel it's a little gimmicky -- there exists a difficult time determining which setting is much better. One of the things that people enjoy may be the new Limiter function, which enables you to definitely keep your volume relatively high to pay attention for individuals actions (reduced volume) but will not blow your ear drums out whenever a RPG rocket (explosion-like volume levels) hits you hard. The seem seemed to be crisp and noisy once we completed our spec-op mission in the Turtle Beach gaming booth, in which the headset's noise-obstructing capabilities demonstrated to become particularly handy. Go to the gallery below for any close consider the $220 gaming headset set to be shown this quarter.

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Verizon Release Date – Implausible Happens

For those of you have been long awaiting the release of the Palm Pre 2 in the U.S, we have some encouraging yet not entirely concrete news to get you excited about.

We had previously only been able to bring you news of a UK release which came out on November 12th last year, now according to an article on Engadget; the Pre 2 will finally be released in the U.S.

They get their information from a third party source on the web that said the smartphone will be available on all channels from February 17th. Yet on the HP Palm website it states that it will be available on Verizon Wireless soon, with no specific date being mentioned. Is it too little too late?

Engadget seem to think so, saying it will become ‘even less appealing’ by that time. With the new line of products expected to be unveiled at HP’s next event on the February 9th, they may not be wrong. Read their full report here.

What do you think of this? Will you be getting a Pre 2?
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Motorola Atrix

Good news for those planning to take dual-core equipped Atrix Motorola smartphone released, since it seems like online retailer Amazon may have found the prices a little early.

If you did not know already, Motorola is calling this phone the smart phone world's most powerful and with a 1-GHz dual-core processor at the head Tegra 2 is certainly going to bring a pair of hits. Other Key specifications include a 4-inch capacitive touch screen glass gorilla, a 5 megapixel camera with 720p video recording, 16 GB of internal memory and Android 2.2 operating system running with Motoblur Froyo user interface.

As reported on Engadget, Amazon has recently released pricing details for the phone, before taking them out quickly once called him. Luckily for you, we have the details before they withdrew. The Atrix will be on sale (Amazon at least) for $ 150 on a contract or $ 599.99 if you choose to follow the path out of contract.

For more details, revealed that the phone will be launched on February 11, which is not long at all if this information turns out to be true. What are your thoughts on the leaked information, we feel that the contract price of $ 150 is very reasonable for a dual-core Tegra 2 handsets.

However, we are somewhat disappointed that this phone does not come with Android 2.3 Bread least. How long is the manufacturers are launching new handsets in 2011 with Froyo - which undoubtedly has to stop somewhere. You can get a little frustrated because the phone does not come with a camera sensor is also more than 5 megapixels.

Have your say on the handset to date - will be getting one?

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PS3 Update 3.56 Problems

PS3 3.56 firmware update after this week we heard many reports that some players of Call of Duty are concerned because the system update for Sony - but not in the right direction.

RIPT As already mentioned, it seems that Sony and Activision certainly not to play a bit more after the last loopholes open the console, which was specifically the door open for hackers to use - with Black Ops COD as its primary objective.

It is clear that Sony will sooner or later, when the pirates had succeeded, the notes of managers and technical problems in using play to intervene to modify gain an advantage over the players had confidence. Sony has been very short in its PS3 3.56 notes, seems, however, had an eye on Call of Duty have and install the latest attempts to custom firmware on the system.

Some players were greeted with the message of Activision, if you click on multiplayer servers Black Ops-Log:

The big debate is going on here, but if Sony is innocent players banned by accident, or if evidence that users cheated in the game that have resulted in a permanent ban. This did not happen before the 3.56 update for the PS3, so that the bans are certainly new security measures for Sony together.

If you recently ejected from the game, please let us know your thoughts on this subject. Do you have a message for Sony to make their case, or if you know you have been caught?

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