HTC Thunderbolt 4G: First Pictures of Verizon’s 4G LTE Phone

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Recently, a report on the incredible potential name change for HTC HD 4G Lightning, and now it seems that this name is official, because we have what appears to be the first solid imaging device.

As you probably know, the phone will be the first phone from Verizon will be LTE 4G and it is due to an official launch at CES 2011 January 6

The boys of Droid life have received the first pictures from the camera, and similar to the HTC HD, for those of you with the obvious exception of the 4G logo and trademark Verizon LTE.

The only significant difference is discovered, though, is that the HTC 4G Ray has just released a pop stand and reveals an important thing that we hope that it supports surround sound. It looks great and I love the fact that the costumes are not in use - great idea HTC.

Photos of themselves in most Droid life and tell us what you think about it. Do you like the design of the flash 4G?

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