PS3 Update 3.56 Problems

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PS3 3.56 firmware update after this week we heard many reports that some players of Call of Duty are concerned because the system update for Sony - but not in the right direction.

RIPT As already mentioned, it seems that Sony and Activision certainly not to play a bit more after the last loopholes open the console, which was specifically the door open for hackers to use - with Black Ops COD as its primary objective.

It is clear that Sony will sooner or later, when the pirates had succeeded, the notes of managers and technical problems in using play to intervene to modify gain an advantage over the players had confidence. Sony has been very short in its PS3 3.56 notes, seems, however, had an eye on Call of Duty have and install the latest attempts to custom firmware on the system.

Some players were greeted with the message of Activision, if you click on multiplayer servers Black Ops-Log:

The big debate is going on here, but if Sony is innocent players banned by accident, or if evidence that users cheated in the game that have resulted in a permanent ban. This did not happen before the 3.56 update for the PS3, so that the bans are certainly new security measures for Sony together.

If you recently ejected from the game, please let us know your thoughts on this subject. Do you have a message for Sony to make their case, or if you know you have been caught?

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Anonymous said...

I haven't played Black Ops but I can say this Sony may have engaged in questionable behavior if they placed a root kit in the soft ware.
there are also other issues :

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